AVI©ATION is just another Pilot’s Blog

Großes Blog-BildBack in September 2003 I started my Privat Pilot Training and put together some pictures and reports
on a website called www.mitfliegen.at (German for “fly with me”).

Flying a single engine Cessna was my “little boy’s dream coming true”. At first, to hold a PPL
in my hands was the ultimate goal, but in fact it was just the first step.

Today I fly a Learjet 35 with Air Ambulance configuration around the world for
Med Evac Missions (MEDical EVACuation), bringing patients back home to their friends and families.

I want to share my fascination of flying with a the focus on aviation.
In respect of our passengers I do want to mention, that every flight is the fate of an individual.

Thank you for visiting my Blog!

Step-by-Step from Pedestrian to Pilot:

when what details
07/2003 Try-2-Fly On my 31st birthday I got my first lesson in a Cessna as a gift. After that I was immediately infected by the “flying-virus” and started to search for a flight school
09/2003 PPL_Training I started theory class room training and had my first flights with an instructor
11/2003 PPL-Exam The weather was perfect and so I was able to complete my training within three months
12/2003 PPL A special Christmas present! On December 23rd Austro Control issued my Pilot Licence
01/2004 Types I obtained the licence to fly aircrafts with 4 seats (Cessna 172, Diamond DA40, Piper PA-28) to fly with family and friends
10/2004 IFR  Started training for Instrument Rating, Comercial Pilot and Multi-Engine Aircrafts
01/2005 USA Practicing between Miami, Bahamas and New Orleans (Flying, Landing, Night-VFR, IFR)
05/2005 CPL/IFR Exam and Checkflight for the commercial  Pilot Licence and Instrument Flight Rules Rating
02/2006 Aerobatic Training on a Stunt Plane (Citabria) incl. spin, stall recorvery and flying loopings
03/2006 FI Training and Exam to become Flight Instructor for PPL students
06/2006 ATPL Passing Airline Transport Pilot Licence Exams
10/2006 Jet Rating Learjet 35 Rating at Simcom in Orlando, Florida
11/2006 CoPilot It is not longer just a hobby… starting to work on an Air Ambulance Learjet 35
03/2010 Captain I became captain; not just another golden stripe on my shoulder but a lot more responsibility
04/2011 TRE Type Rating Examiner for Learjet 35

But actually my „flying life“ began much earlier …

     On July 8th 1972, I landed as scheduled on planet earth.
     As a child „Plane watching“ at the Vienna airport was more exciting for me then going to the zoo or cinema.

     On my 8th birthday my aunt organized a flight in a Cessna for me.

     In 1983: Flight Simulator, the early Personal Computers (Atari and Commodore) and their flight simulator software
     demanded plenty of imagination, because it was still far from realistic.

     1993: started paragliding training in Lackenhof am Ötscher and bought my own paraglider

     May 2000: a balloon flight as a company incentive

     June 2000 Skydiving from Antonov AN-2, strapped to the tandem master, jump from 3.000m in Fertőszentmiklós (Hungary)