Room 242

Special DeBriefing in Room 242

It is not always possible to get a drink after a long day – especially in muslim countries. Asking for the way to the hotel bar at the check-in desk can lead to strange answers. “No, sir – we do not have a bar in our hotel!”, the clerk in Lahore-Pakistan, almost shouted at me, at the same time gesturing to “come closer”. A little bit irritated I looked at him as he whispered: “Room Two Four Two…” – What? – “Room Two Four Two”, he repeated quietly looking to the side and checking if nobody else overhearded him.

So we took the elevator to the second floor and looked out for that particular room. In the middle of a long corridor there was room 2-4-2 marked with a red dot. The door had a normal door handle,  not a key-card lock like all the other rooms: As I opened the door slowly the first thing I saw in the middle of the anteroom a sign stating: “Service only for non-muslim guest”  and behind this, the hotel room was converted into a bar where the barkeeper welcomed us with 4 cans of cold Carlsberg beer!

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