Stowaway / Blinder Passagier

Recently we flew  to Ukraine, not far away from the „crisis area“, to pick up a patient. A lot of military and police welcomed us – we were the only civil airplane at the airport at this time. When the patient arrived with the ambulance car, the Med-Crew talked to the man: “I have just a broken leg, I am fine, I don’t need anything.” he said. The Doctor tried to examine the patient but he refused. He also insisted to keep the blanket on even though it was almost 30°C.

The situation was suspicious and so one crew member distracted the patient while the other took a look… and there was the stowaway: a little baby cat

“Please don’t tell the Captain…”, but I was already aware what was going on. Due to the fact that we need to work in a medical environment and that we have to follow the European animal import regulations, we had to leave the cat behind and handed it to a nice lady working at the airport. This was probably for the best, as one of the crew members has a cat allergy 😉
Stowaway Bilder Passagier

Stowaway on ambulance jet


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