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Special Approach: Swing Over Landing Runway

Every minute counts for patients on board of an Air Ambulance Aircraft. Landing on a runway far away from the apron or terminal (where the ambulance car is waiting)  is a waste of time. The Approach and Tower Controllers in Vienna support these hospital flights and – if weather and traffic situation permits – they allow approach types that save time. It makes a big difference, if you fly along the 3500 meter long runway and perform a long landing, vacating next to the General Aviation Center or if you have to taxi slowly behind an Airliner.  Click on the Video below to see the cockpit view of two examples: Approach runway 34 with a “swing over” runway 29. To be honest – there is another advantage: It is such a lot of fun flying these approaches 😉

This video is available in “1080p HD” – click on settings to change video quality to maximum.

German Defintion: Als Swing Over oder Sichtanflug mit Pistenwechsel im Endanflug bezeichnet man in der Luftfahrt ein spezielles Flugmanöver, bei dem der Pilot im Endanflug nach Rücksprache mit dem Tower bzw. nach Genehmigung durch diesen eine andere als die ursprünglich vorgesehene Landebahn ansteuert.

Update Feb. 2016: There had been some questions regarding the correct title… “Swing over” normally describes a maneuver between parallel runways (e.g. swing over from 14L to 14R). “Cleared ILS 34 — circle-to-land runway 29” is the correct wording. But…  ATC (in my region) is using “swing over” because they want you th make a “straight in” = without a traffic pattern/without a 90° base leg! “continue (ILS) approach 34 – cleared to land runway 29 – without making a right turn before turning final!”

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